Personal & Family Protection

We work with many CEOs and understand your unique needs. We understand the risks that you face and can tailor insurance programs to meet your personal situation. And because we work with all the leading insurance companies, we can get you the most competitive prices and highest levels of service available. Some of the insurance products we have expertise with include:

  • Personal Excess Liability Insurance and Umbrellas (our markets can offer very high levels of capacity and coverage)
  • Personal Directorship Liability (to protect you and safeguard your personal assets from liability arising from your various board positions)
  • Life Insurance (including unique estate planning strategies)
  • Homeowners  Insurance (including high value and vacation homes)
  • Valuable Articles Insurance (to protect fine art, jewelry, wine, collectibles, etc.)
  • Yacht and Aircraft Insurance
  • Domestic Worker’s Insurance
  • Travel & Accident Coverage
  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
  • Collectible Automobiles

We also have specialists in estate planning. We know how to utilize life insurance as a powerful tool to fund estate and charitable giving plans and reduce estate and other taxes. And we know how to turbo-charge these plans by taking advantage of record low interest rates.

We know there are many insurance brokers out there, but we are unique in terms of understanding the risks and needs of today's Chief Executives. We are also committed to a higher level of service; we advocate for our customers to get the best pricing available from all the major insurance carriers and to make sure your claims are treated with the care that they deserve. Experience the difference yourself by speaking with our President, Ivor Bamberger, or our CEO, Jeff Weiner, and see why we are the trusted insurance agents for so many CEOs. Call us today at 1-800-813-4210.